Vineyard Training is a new online training platform available to our Vineyard churches across the world. At Vineyard Training, we have collected all the best courses and training materials from across our movement into one space.

Whether you are looking for theological training, training for emerging leaders, help to understand the common Vineyard values, or you’re looking to train your volunteers, Vineyard Training offers an easy way to get started.

How to use Vineyard Training

You can use Vineyard Training to teach your church or small group, to train your volunteers and leaders, or simply create your personal account and log in to start taking the courses of your own choice.

At Vineyard Training, you can find high quality courses in the areas of:

  • Kingdom Life
  • Theology
  • Church Planting
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Worship
  • Coaching
  • Compassion
  • Leadership
  • Missions
  • Youth Ministry
  • Childrens Ministry
  • Vineyard DNA

Pricing and practical information

Many of the resources within the Vineyard Training platform are free of charge. All you need to do is sign up and start enjoying the materials.

Some courses e.g. the Academic level theology courses require a fee to study.

If you are a part of the Vineyard Nordic, you get a special discounted rate of only GBP 10,- per course. All you have to do is specify your country of residence when signing up.

There are also discounts available for buying multiple modules:

  • 1 module is GBP 10.00
  • 3 modules are GBP 20.00
  • 10 modules are GBP 55.00

There are a number of pre-selected bundles to choose from e.g. The 10 core theology modules for Vineyard or The 3 essential Kingdom modules.

Go to the platform to sign up and start learning!