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Who we are?

Vineyard Nordic represents all church communities within the Vineyard movement located in the nations of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

We are a community that values relationships, sharing faith (and doubts!) and caring for others inside and outside of the four walls of the church. In the Vineyard, we are on a path together – learning more about who God is and how this relates to our daily lives. You are most welcome to visit any of our churches!

What We Believe

As a Vineyard movement, we have many beliefs, but we’d recommend you find out more about Vineyard by visiting one of our churches and experiencing it yourself!

Vineyard Nordic has defined a number of distinctives that we feel best define the common qualities & aspirations of our communities:

Culture of worship

In everything we do, we aim to be a worshipping community

Naturally supernatural

We believe works through ordinary believers to transform lives and the world around us in an extraordinary way

Doing the stuff

We want to get our hands dirty by doing the practical things that Jesus inspires us to do

The main and the plain

Focusing on the basic elements of faith as a solid grounding

Everyone gets to play

This is not an exclusive club! We welcome involvement from everyone and believe that each individual has something unique to offer

Equipping the saints

Exploring and learning more about what it means to follow the life Jesus

Come as you are

You are welcome to be yourself!

Plays well with others

We see ourselves as the small part of a bigger picture and want to support and partner with other churches in the Nordic region wherever possible

Challenge to change

Challenge to Change is an expression that we feel best summarises the spirit of the Vineyard Nordic movement.

It embodies the work that God is doing in our communities as well as each individual as He constantly calls us into a deeper relationship with himself and each other (often challenging!) in order to impact a positive change in our lives and the lives of others.

This is a constant process that takes us out of our comfort zones and invites us on an adventure. Will you join us?

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      Upcoming events

      • Youth Winter Camp @ Oslo Vineyard

        2020-01-24 - 2020-01-26  

        Winter Camp is for the Vineyard Nordic Youth and Youth leaders to meet and spend time with God and each other.

        Oslo, Norway Jan 24th-26th 2020

        More info soon at


      • (CANCELLED) Vineyard Nordic Leaders Conference

        2020-03-26 - 2020-03-28  


      • Vineyard Nordic Annual Meeting

        2020-05-28  19:00 - 20:00


      • Vineyard Nordic Summer Camp 2020: CANCELLED

        2020-07-12 - 2020-07-18  

        Vineyard Nordic Summer Camp is a camp for all the Nordic countries, an oppertunity for us to gather and spend time together as a vineyard family. We meet in beautiful surrendings by a lake at Mullsjö, Sweden.

        This years theme is SURRENDER
        Surrendering to God, surrendering to the Spirit, his ministry and the deep calling to follow God

        (More info will on the webpage and facebook.)


      • Vin Sweden National Conference

        2020-10-02 - 2020-10-03  
        Edsvikskyrkan, Kapellvägen 2, 191 35 Sollentuna, Sweden

        Vineyard Sweden's fall conference. Open conference. Information about location, program, price will be announced later this year.


      • Vineyard Nordic Song Summit



      • Sweden: RESET - Worship retreat

        2020-11-13  15:00 - 2020-11-15  11:00

        The theme of the retreat will be "RESET - spiritual formation through Vineyard Worship values". A weekend to seek God for how we as individuals and worshippers in the Vineyard shall move forward. The retreat will be in the Stockholm area. Find more information here:


      • Church Planting & Multiplication Conference

        2020-11-27 - 2020-11-28  
        Copenhagen, Denmark


      • Denmark - TOGETHER - Worship gathering


        There will be a gathering for everyone involved in worship in the Danish Vineyard churches with the theme TOGETHER! It will be a full day investing in our fellowship, seeking the Lord together in prayer and worship and becoming equipped through preaching and teaching. Odense Vineyard will host our gathering and we encourage people to stay for their Sunday service. Find more information here:


      Staff & leaders


      Flemming & Anne Mølhede


      Thomas & Sara Lorenzen


      Ted & Siw Jeans


      Ari Puonti


      Per Christian Lunde

      Vintage Vineyard


      Maria Lundbak Hinge

      Ministry leader - Vineyard Nordic Worship


      Natalie Lomax

      Administrator & PA


      Thomas Lorenzen

      Ministry leader - Vineyard Nordic Church Planting


      Carsten Lind

      Ministry leader - Vineyard Nordic Church Development


      Jon & Lina Skoglund

      Ministry leader - Vineyard Nordic Youth


      Ted Jeans

      Ministry leader - Vineyard Nordic Mission Ministry


      Flemming Quist

      Vineyard Nordic Advisory Team


      Norbert Bauer

      Ministry leader - Vineyard Nordic Spiritual Formation


      Adam Aagaard Allen


      Signy Hefley

      Ministry leader - Vineyard Nordic Kids

      Podcast from Summer Camp & Summit